An Exhibition by Mary Quin

May 18-24, 2011


There is a space between what we feel and what we see that can easily go unnoticed.  Liminal in nature, it is that threshold of sense experience just between feeling something and feeling nothing at all.   Usually a true description of our inner sense of our family relationships is a word away, a breath away, illusively floating somewhere in the ether of our experience—slightly out of reach from full articulation of what we feel and often detached from what we are expected to experience.   By incorporating surrounding windows, mirrors and, when outside, puddles of water, I establish a rhythm of the psychological complexities of visually portraying non-physical space.  In temporal space, there stands a constant divide between the way two family members see a situation or see each other.

With my imagery, I strive to acknowledge the layers that fill the space within one or between two family members.


Oglethorpe Gallery | 406 East Oglethorpe Ave | Savannah GA