Photographs of Iceland

A solo exhibition by Craig Stevens

February19 - March 1




Iceland….a personal edda

I had been intrigued by the mystery of the Icelandic landscape for decades. The images I had seen stunned me with the power of this volcanic space. The addition of the magical light of the Midnight Sun in summertime makes for a remarkable combination.
It is a space in which I wanted to make my own images. It is a place where I felt I might glimpse my soul, a concept and goal, which drive my work.


There is a curious sense one gets when standing before the Icelandic landscape that we are remarkably close to the essential power of the Earth and yet it remains enigmatic in spite of our physical proximity. Our heartbeat seems like a bird’s when measured against its seemingly eternal pulse.


Craig Stevens
Savannah, Georgia


The initiation of the Iceland project was made possible with the support of a Presidential Fellowship from the Savannah College of Art and Desig

Oglethorpe Gallery | 406 East Oglethorpe Ave | Savannah GA